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Print Materials

TSS Cover Letter pic_edited.jpg

The personally-addressed cover letter introduces school administrators to the TSS program. 

TSS Legal Letter Pic.png

The legal letter explains the legal principles that apply to all school administrators.

Mitigation Booklet cover.png

The TSS Mitigation booklet provides step-by-step instructions for reducing 

RFR exposures. 

Best practices pic.png

Best Practices for Using Wireless Technology in Schools

TSS Tri-fold V3.png

Q&A brochure answers questions about RFR in schools and explains the TSS  program. 

Health Survey pic.png
Info for Admins pic.png

Children's RF Radiation

Health Survey

Info Sheet for School Administrators

Suastainability flier pic.jpg

Sustainability Flyer

iPhone flyer pic.jpg

iPhone Info Flyer

Creating a wired school pic.png

Wiring a New 

Classroom Poster Best Practices Pic.png

Best Practices

Classroom Sign

Power switch pic.jpg

On/Off Wireless

Switch Flyer


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