Hardwiring is best.

Hardwired classrooms are the safest and most secure learning environments for children. Wired systems are faster, more reliable, easily adaptable to new technologies and have none of the potential health issues that are becoming apparent with wireless technology.

Wireless technology often requires frequent software upgrades, and over time, these costs can easily exceed the slightly higher upfront costs that may be associated with  wired classrooms. 


Start with some of the stationary devices such as smart boards, stationary computers and permanently-mounted cameras, and even more portable items such as projectors. 

This may require the installation of a simple and inexpensive Ethernet switch to increase the number of available Ethernet ports in the room.

Students and teachers both love Smart Boards, and they can easily be wired with Ethernet connections. Photo courtesy of Kindercraze.com

Ethernet switches come in a variety of configurations and can also carry Power Over Internet (POE) to provide power to wireless devices. Check manufacturer’s specifications for more information.

Virtually any computer, smart phone, tablet or other similar device can be easily connected to the internet using simple, low-cost adapters.

Whether your school is using chrome books, iPads, notebooks or other devices, there are plenty of solutions to help students connect to the internet safely and securely.

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