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About Us
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TechSafeSchools is a project of the award-winning non-profit Grassroots Environmental Education, and  grew out of a concern by parents of children with increased sensitivity to radiofrequency microwave radiation, exacerbated by the increasing proliferation of wireless devices in classrooms.


The project is designed to provide school officials, teachers and parents with tools they need to reduce the amount of RF radiation in classrooms and create the safest learning environment possible. Our recommendations will not interfere with technology-based curricula or system performance. 


There is also a strong legal foundation for the program. embodied in a number of state and federal laws requiring education administrators to provide a safe and healthy learn environment for students and teachers, and to be fully informed about any potential hazards.


Read the letter from a group of distinguished attorneys regarding the legal obligations of school administrators. 


We do not sell products or software. Our focus is simply the health, safety and well-being of all students in all schools.  We believe the best environment for learning is a safe environment. 

 This program is funded completely by individuals and private foundations with no conflicting financial interest. You can learn more about Grassroots and its work at

"The health and wellness of our school community has always been a top priority, and reducing the RFR exposure to staff and students was an important step in protecting everyone. Our IT staff executed our safer technology-based curriculum by significantly reducing exposure without impacting the delivery of our curriculum."

             – Amber Way, Head of School, the Linbrook School, Ontario, Canada

Our Team:


Senior Project Directors - Doug & Patti Wood

Webmaster - David McAllister

Science Research - Ellen Weininger

Social Media - Lauren Shores

Intern - Nicholas Newman, Dominck Shelton

Technical Advisors:

Mitch Marchand

Shaun Kranish

Ben Levi

Legal Advisors:

Julian Gresser

Andrew Campanelli

Harry Lehmann

Gregg Lien

John Markham

Scientific Advisors:

Devra Lee Davis, Ph.D.
Paul Heroux, Ph. D.

Toril Jelter, M.D.

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