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You can also help by sending an email to your local school officials, attaching the cover letter and Info for Administrators below.

Thank You!!

Sample email:

Dear _____


This month, the superintendent of our school system will receive information from the non-profit TechSafe Schools project about how to reduce RF radiation in classrooms without impacting any tech-based learning or system performance, and at little or no cost. 


I’m attaching the letter and the “Information for Administrators” which the Superintendent is receiving. I encourage you to read it carefully, visit the TechSafe Schools website and decide if reducing RF radiation exposure for our kids is something every school should be doing. 


Thank you for considering this important issue. 

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Parents: Help Protect our Kids - Support our Spring Campaign!

This spring, the Superintendent of every public school system in California, Michigan and Illinois will be receiving a letter from TechSafe Schools alerting them to the potential harm of RF radiation in classrooms and providing simple steps they can take to reduce that exposure. 

You can help increase the impact of this campaign by calling your local school system and voicing your support for efforts to protect our kids. 

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