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TechSafe Schools National Webinars

These educational webinars are free and open to school-affiliated personnel and credentialed press. 

Advanced registration is required. 

"The Legal Imperative for Schools Regarding Wireless Radiation"


In this webinar, attorneys Julian Gresser, Robert Berg, Andrew Campanelli, Mark Pollock and James Turner discuss the legal issues surrounding RF radiation in schools. 

Please click on the video below.

"The Science Behind the TechSafe Schools Project"



In this webinar, scientists Dr. Devra Davis and Dr. Paul Heroux join pediatrician Dr. Toril Jelter to discuss the science behind the TechSafe Schools project. 

Please click on the video below.

"Technical Forum on Reducing Wireless Radiation in Schools"


Radiofrequency radiation specialist Mitch Marchand leads the discussion about reducing wireless radiation in classrooms, with specific instructions on measurements and best practices. 

Please click on the video below.

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