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TechSafe Schools National Webinars

Todays' classrooms are filled with countless wireless devices, all emitting radiofrequency (RF) radiation. For the children, teachers, and other staff who spend all day in school, the effects are harmful and cumulative.


Recent peer-reviewed studies have confirmed that exposure to RF radiation can increase the incidences of cancer, neurological disorders, and oxidative stress. Children are at higher risk from RF radiation because of their thinner skulls, their rapidly changing physiology, and their developing nervous systems.


TechSafe Schools is an initiative designed to provide school administrators with scientific and technical support to reduce exposure for students, teachers, and staff.

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The TechSafe Schools National Webinars are free and open to school officials and credentialed press. The webinars will also be live-streamed on Facebook. Please register to join us! 


We will be hosting three online seminars in March for school leaders to learn about the legal, medical and scientific, and technical aspects of wireless radiation. Please join us at one or all three!

"The Legal Imperative for Schools Regarding Wireless Radiation"


Tuesday, March 9th at 1pm EST

Attorney Julian Gresser will lead a panel of legal experts as they examine the legal concepts behind the TechSafe Schools Project. 

"The Science Behind the TechSafe Schools Project"


Thursday, March 11th at 1 pm EST


Nationally recognized public health expert Dr. Devra Davis heads our panel of scientific and medical professionals to discuss the science behind the TechSafe Schools project. 

"Technical Forum on Reducing Wireless Radiation in Schools"


Tuesday, March 16th at 1pm EST

Radiofrequency radiation specialist Mitch Marchand leads the discussion about reducing wireless radiation in classrooms, with specific instructions on measurements and best practices. 

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