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You can help protect our Kids!

TechSafe advocates can help us close the loop with local school officials and bring about healthy change, 


Our expert team of scientific, technical and health professionals can provide the rationale for change and the expertise needed to help schools adopt and implement RF radiation reduction policies.  You can help by bringing our message to your school!

Step One: Talk with some school board members or other parents in your school about your concerns regarding children's health, constant exposure to radiation in school classrooms, and the fact that reducing the radiation is easy, has no impact on tech-based learning and no cost. Find some allies who agree. 

Step Two: Make an appointment for your group to meet with the  school superintendent. It's the superintendent's job to provide a safe learning environmental for all students, teachers and staff, and to be aware of any potential hazards in the school 

Step Three: Download the introductory power point and script from our Resources page and practice your presentation. Download the "info sheet for Administrators" and the "Best Practices" and print them out before your meeting. 


Step Four:  Meet with your superintendent, make your presentation and advocate for change. Your message is simple: if there is no impact on tech-based learning, no impact on system performance, and no cost, why not do it? 

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