A growing body of scientific studies and clinical medical evidence demonstrates that radiofrequency (RF) radiation is biologically harmful, and children are especially vulnerable to this risk. The information presented here is intended to inform school administrators about these foreseeable harms, and to encourage them to pivot under a fiduciary duty of heightened vigilance and care to prevent them.

Taken together, federal, state, and local laws and practices impose significant responsibilities upon school administrators to protect children, teachers, and staff from RF radiation.

  • There are strong federal and state policies mandating safe learning environments in schools.

  • Children are recognized as requiring and deserving special protection, and special laws have been enacted to safeguard children who are disabled or have special needs.

  • School administrators have fiduciary responsibilities to children, parents, and teachers, at the very least not to expose them knowingly to harmful radiation.

  • The guiding legal principle under the fiduciary duty is for administrators to secure the informed consent of teachers, parents, and, yes, when possible, children. In the great majority of situations this is not happening.

  • School administrators have an obligation to ensure that telecom products contain warnings and are certified to be safe; and in the case of harms, that adequate insurance is available. But with RF radiation harms the telecoms have not obtained insurance because no insurance company will cover them. They are considered simply too dangerous.

  • The law requires fair compensation for injuries. But in the case of RF radiation, children, parents and teachers are being asked by the telecom companies to bear the costs of harm as a subsidy to the telecom's management and shareholders.

The TechSafe Schools project relies on the premise that school administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students are natural allies. Together they share an opportunity to collaborate creatively in innovating the "21st Century Resilient Classroom." 


To learn more, please download the TechSafeSchools Legal Memorandum.