Four Simple Steps to Initiate Change

The TechSafe School Parent Advocate Program

Step One

Assemble a group of advocates. We suggest you start by printing a few copies of the trifold brochure. Download the file and take it to your nearest printing shop (Staples, etc.). Then seek out parents in your community and share the brochure with them. 

Step Three

Send an email to your administrator, alerting them to the imminent arrival of the package from TechSafe Schools and requesting a meeting with you and other parents to discuss what steps the school might consider taking to reduce RFR exposures. We'll provide a sample email for you. 

Step Two

Let us know when you're ready. We'll prepare the personally-addressed letter to your school superintendent or Head of School and mail it, along with the legal letter, the mitigation guide and a copy of the brochure. An identical package will be sent to you. 

Step Four

Stay in touch with us! We want to know the effectiveness of our materials, what kind of response you had from parents and school administrators, and what we can do to help you move the conversation forward. We hope to eventually put up a "Report Card" on this site.