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Info for Administrators

Emerging Science on RF Exposure Supports Caution. Recent studies document biological damage from radiofrequency radiation at levels below current FCC guidelines. Exposure is cumulative and additive, and children are at increased risk. Learn more about the science


Reducing Exposure is Easy.  There are several simple steps that can be taken to reduce the levels of RF radiation in classrooms.  These changes will have no impact on tech-based learning programs, no impact on system performance, and little or no cost. Some schools have been able to reduce levels of effective radiated power by more than 90%. Please see our Mitigation page for more information.  

School administrators have a legal responsibility to provide safe learning environments. State and Federal laws confer clear legal responsibility on school administrators to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for students, teachers and staff. Understanding risks and knowing exposure levels is part of that responsibility. See the webinar below for a discussion with a panel of expert attorneys.



Actual school RF radiation reduction report. 
Note radiation reductions of 90% or more!

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